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Quality classification

To make it easier for you to find a suitable holiday destination, we have separated all of our cottages,
villas and apartments into classifications. There are five different quality classifications for our destinations. The classifications are primarily based on technical requirements, furniture and decor. The yard and its surroundings and nearby services also have an effect on the final classification.

There are basic requirements that all destinations share.


  • minimum size 7–10 m²
  • minimum size of actual beds 80 x 200 cm
  • beds have covered mattresses that at minimum are 10 centimetres thick with separate pillow
  • tidy bed linen
  • good quality blankets and pillows.

    In the wilderness cabins these requirements may not be completely fulfilled: the beds might, for
    example, be shorter or narrower than normal and the general equipment more limited than usual.

  • appropriate cold storage space
  • dinnerware sets and cooking tools

    Stairs at destinations always have railings, and electric and gas devices work and are safe to use.
    Every destination is also functionally and sufficiently furnished.


    * A holiday destination with modest technical equipment; however, still a clean and functional
    “traditional summer cottage”. The yard and its surroundings are usually similar to other destinations.

    ** A slightly better equipped and more spacious holiday destination than the destinations with the lower classification, often with certain amenities provided. The second most common classification.

    *** A well equipped holiday destination that always comes with an inside toilet (might also be an eco-toilet inside the destination) and a shower. Most holiday destinations have three stars.

    **** A very well equipped, in every way comfortable and high-quality holiday destination.

    ***** To the last detail an excellent holiday destination that fulfills the requirements of the most
    discerning guest. Well-spaced for the set maximum number of guests.

    Minimum requirements for destinations with 3–5 stars include an inside toilet, shower and water-supply pipe. There are no other minimum requirements, so the classification doesn’t automatically give reason to expect any specific equipment. It’s always a good idea to carefully read over the destinations’ details. If you need further information about, for example, the equipment at a destination or the yard and its surroundings, please contact us. Our sales representatives are happy to help you with any further questions.