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How to travel to Ylläs

How to get to Ylläs

Airport and Airlines

There are various ways to get to Ylläs by plane.
Charter flight Helsinki-Kittilä (1 hour and 25 min). Bus or taxi to Ylläs area.
Charter flight Helsinki-Rovaniemi (1 hour). Train to Kolari (4 hours) and bus or taxi to Ylläs area.
Charter flight Stockolm-Luleå-Pajala (Sweden). Minibus to Ylläs area.
The main air companies that reach Lapland are Blue1 and Finnair.

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There are trains to Kolari from the main southern cities (Helsinki, Tampere, Turku). The to the nearest railway station in Kolari takes about 13 hours and 30 mini. The most convenient train is the night train. After arrival, you can then take a bus or taxi to Ylläs area. It is advisable to book the taxi in advance.

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There are also bus connections from Southern Finland to Lapland during the winter and spring seasons.

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Äkäslompolo - Ylläsjarvi 15 km, 15 min
Kittilä airport - Ylläsjarvi 40 km, 30 min
Kittilä airport - Äkäslompolo 55 km, 45 min
Kolari railway station - Ylläsjarvi 35 km, 25 min
Kolari railway station - Äkäslompolo 38 km ,30 min
Kurtakko - Ylläsjarvi 14 km, 10 min
Venejärvi - Ylläsjarvi 70 km, 60 min
Lappea - Ylläsjärvi 65 km, 55 min
Rovaniemi - Ylläs 185 km,120 min
Pajala (S)- Ylläs 60 km, 60 min